CODE V Glass Catalog Updates 

 To update the CODE V glass catalog to the latest version, download the following files to the specified CODE V installation directory. 

 升级CODE V玻璃库到最新版本,下载下面的CODE V的文件,放到CODE V对应的安装目录。

 Important notes : 


 •This is the GLASS.CAT file that shipped with CODE V 10.4 Service Release 1 (SR1). 

这个GLASS.CAT文件与最新版的CODE V10.4版本一起发布。

 •CODE V should not be running when you copy the new GLASS.CAT file to the CODE V installation folder.

当您复制文件的时候,请不要运行CODE V光学设计软件。 

•The GLASS.CAT file has been fully tested using CODE V 10.4 SR1. The file may be used with older CODE V releases, but backward compatibility is not guaranteed.

这个文件已经使用CODE V 10.4 SR1完整测试。这个文件也可以运行在老版本的CODE V软件中,但是不提供任何保证。

 1. Update the GLASS.CAT file: 


 Download the GLASS.CAT file and save it to the CODEV104\GLASS folder. Contains the complete CODE V material database for homogeneous glasses

下载GLASS.CAT文件,并将其保存在CODEV104\GLASS 文件夹中。这其中包含CODE V的全部材料库。

 2. Update the glass catalog data files: 


 Download the file and extract its contents to the CODEV104\MACRO folder.

下载文件,然后将其解压缩到CODEV104\MACRO 文件夹中。

 Contains the following glass catalog data files used by the GLASSEXPERT, GLASSFIT and VP_PLOT sample macros: